My journey as an artist has been a winding road with peaks and valleys. That has been life’s way of shaping me and my art, bringing me to where I am today. Born in Duluth, Minnesota, I grew up in a house filled with art. My father is a painter, and under his tutelage, I developed a passion for this creative outlet. At a young age I worked by his side in our studio sketching and exploring various mediums.

I went on to graduate from the University of Minnesota with degrees in graphic design and fine art, married shortly thereafter, and had the gift of raising four children. A career in marketing soon followed as my family moved on to their own pursuits. During these years my painting went on hold, and after twenty years, I began to question who I was as an artist.

In 2017, with the loving support of my husband, I made the decision to paint again as a full time artist. I had no idea what my style or focus was going to be. I painted landscape, still life, loose interpretations, detailed work, and I felt lost. Then I went to Santa Fe to visit friends and something happened that I cannot explain. The night we arrived, I woke to see in my mind with such clarity, who I was to be as an artist. I knew exactly what type of subject matter was inside of me and just how to paint it. My identity as a painter was found.