I was visiting Charlotte, NC for a show opening at Shain Gallery where I was introduced to a couple that had purchased one of my paintings earlier.  They invited me to their home and during my visit is saw a beautiful asian bowl on a brass base in their dining room.  I immediately wanted to paint it, but of course, I could not take it with me.  When I got home I started my search to find something similar and discovered this bowl from a dealer in California.  I knew when it was properly illuminated with the right light it would make a wonderful, elegant painting bringing out all of the beautiful colors in the ornate pattern.

Famille Rose (French for “pink family”) is a type of Chinese porcelain defined by the presence of a pale pink to deep ruby enamel glaze.  It was very popular in the 18th and 19th centuries, and it continued to be made in the 20th century.  

Original painting, price available upon request