I painted Gather in early fall of 2020 when the weather starts to cool in Minnesota and we start to settle in for the winter.  Hunters are in the fields and farmers are bringing in their crops.  It is a time of gathering today just like it was for all that came before us.  The colors: brown, gold, orange give off the warmth of autumn light reinforcing that feeling we get this time of year.

Gather also has another significant meaning to me right now.  Autumn begins the season of gathering our loved ones and friends to celebrate all that we have.  Due to the current pandemic many families will not be able to join together.  It is my hope that this painting will send a hopeful message, that in the near future, we all will be able to Gather.

Original painting available through Anne Neilson Fine Art  |  www.anneneilsonfineart.com  |  704.496.9181