I named this painting Preservation because of the dedication the weavers have to maintain age old techniques. By preserving old world traditions the artisans are able to maintain their identities and textile traditions while improving their quality of life through their art.

The blanket is a creation of a weaving community located in Santa Cruz de Sallac, just south of Cusco, in the Peruvian Mountains.  Once lost, the traditional techniques and designs have been recovered and the elder master weavers work with the younger generations in the small village to ensure this art form is carried on.  The blanket, usually woven by the women of the village, is made from their native alpaca and natural dyes and combines both weaving on the backstrap loom and embroidery.

The basket is from the Buhera region of eastern Zimbabwe.  It is handwoven by women from sustainably harvested raw cane and used to hold grain.  Each basket has a unique shape and imperfections adding to beauty of the object.

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