In the 50’s my father was working for the military as a cryptographer.  He was dispatched to France to work at the Chateau Fontainebleau, the NATO headquarters at the time.  He and my mother rented a room in a house owned by Madame Brassard at 40 Rue de la Haute Bercelle in Fontainebleau just next to the chateau.  Monsieur Brassard had passed away but he was an artist and had a studio in the home with large windows overlooking the chateau gardens.  My father is an artist and it is in that studio that he painted while working in France.

This art box belonged to Monsieur Brassard, and Madame gave it to my father who had it engraved with his name and has kept it in his studio for 60 years.  The box itself is at least 100 years old. 

It is such a treasure and I loved painting it.  This battered old box, covered in paint over a century old, a wonderful tribute to my father, Jerry Calengor, and Monsieur Brassard.

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