There is a great hike near my home that climbs up and over one of the bluffs along the Mississippi River.  One sunny, sub-zero winter morning I went out to hike it and up on the bluff top I spotted this deer scull hanging from the branch of a dead tree.  I have wanted to paint it for a couple of years and when I acquired this old rusted Hansen scale I knew it was time.

At first I was just focused on the scale and was deliberating over “what” to place on it.  I knew that I did not want something predictable, that you would expect to see being weighed.  The scull was perfect, making the painting far more interesting and unique.  The colors, scale, and patinas add to the impact of the subject matter.

This work was painted during times of unsettlement, Corona Virus and Civil Rights were at the forefront, and our minds are heavy. “The Weight” is a title that signifies the global state we are living in.

Original painting, price available upon request