This basket is a true work of art and was such fun to recreate it in oil paint.  This particular basket style is produced by the women of Panama using the two traditional coil weaving techniques, silk stitching and the rib stitch.  The Wounaan of Panama’s rain forest believe all plants have spirits and therefore the basket maker is a Spirit Weaver.  Contemporary Wounaan baskets are intended to function as art and as a woman weaves her basket, she captures the plants’ spirits in her basket.  Their baskets are all made from natural fibers including reed and palm and dyed with all natural dyes from different types of vines and cocobolo wood harvested from the Darien Rainforest.  The geometric basket designs are informed by pre-Columbian ceramic and textile patterns, by patterns applied to the bodies of dancers during ceremonies, and from visions experienced by the weavers.