I bought this old Radio Flyer for my granddaughter when she was still a baby and it sits in my basement waiting for her to come of age to ride it.  In the meantime, I decided it would make a great painting.  The subject is fun and carefree and reminds us all of our youth.  For a child, discovering the ability to ride a bike suddenly gave you freedom.  Usually it was just going to the end of the block while mom and dad watched from a few feet behind.  Freedom To Fly celebrates the exhilaration, fear, and pride we all felt when we first learned to ride a bike.

This painting sets the stage for a new series of work, “When We Were Young”, embracing moments in time when life was simpler.

Original painting available through Anne Neilson Fine Art  |  www.anneneilsonfineart.com  |  704.496.9181